Monday, February 8, 2010

Fences (Freeware)

Fences™ is a program that helps you organize your desktop, and can hide your icons when they're not in use. A "Fence", a term coined by this program, is an icon group on your desktop. Fences is an add-on to your desktop, not a replacement.


Clean & Organize
your desktop by creating shaded areas which become movable and sizable containers for your icons. Double click blank spaces on your desktop and all your fences will fade out, and back.
Free for personal use!!
 No gimmics, Free is Free!!
Create an unlimited number of Fence areas on your desktop
Quickly hide/show your desktop icons with a double click
Customize the color and opacity of your fences
Low profile, low system impact: Integrates tightly and cleanly with OS

System Requirements
Requires: Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP
On Vista and Windows 7, both 32bit and 64bit versions are supported.
Impulse must be installed in order to download and update software.

Fences (Freeware)

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